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Welcome to Beit Chabad Israeli Center! Experience the engaging and inspiring atmosphere. Beit Chabad was established in 2016, and we are here to make an impact where we are needed most. We provide special community service programs, embracing families and individuals with warm interactions, and making sure they know they are not alone during this time. We organize amazing online classes, holiday projects, and more! We are dedicated to the spiritual & material welfare of the residents here in Hollywood, FL and to creating a dynamic place where all Jews are made to feel welcome regardless of background or affiliation. Now more than ever, we work hard to combat the effects of this difficult time and unite together to pull through stronger than before. Our efforts never cease in our mission to identify and establish important initiatives in our commitment to truly be there for those whose lives we are a part of.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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Pesach is translated as Passover, but really it means to leap, to skip, to bypass all conventions. When G‑d struck the firstborn of Egypt, He skipped over the houses of the Israelites. He also bypassed nature--all the channels of cause and effect by which He generally conducts His creation. And the Israelites, as well, when they followed Moses out into the desert towards the promised land, it was with a great leap of faith. This is the power you are given on Passover--or Leapover: At other times of the year, you can’t get from one to a hundred without going...
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