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Giving Families A Second Chance

Who We Are & What We Do

Our mission is to empower families with a second chance and ensure that those who are struggling are not alone in these difficult times. The global pandemic & resultant harsh economic changes have profoundly affected families everywhere. For the past decade, our team has assisted thousands of families with desperate needs. Our community has come forward with drive-thru’s & expanded food boxes from food banks and other organizations, however Covid-19 has affected even this. We have therefore launched J-GIVTS, which not only combats the complications involved in organizing food banks during these times, but also empowers families with the tools toward building a better tomorrow. J-GIVTS provides families with grocery gift cards, allowing them to obtain the food they need independently—giving them a sense of normalcy, competence, and dignity. J-GIVTS will be there to not only aid in the fight against hunger, but we will be there to emotionally support the family as well. We realize that a listening ear, an empathetic heart, and a charitable hand is crucial for those families suffering from financial and other constraints. J-GIVTS will monitor the families with bi-weekly check-in phone calls to assess needs and changes. We recognize that some families will have on-going challenges and we will be there to support them as well as refer them for other professional assistance to further guide them in this process. The overall goal of the program is to "graduate" families out of the J-GIVTS grocery gift card assistance program within a calendar year of their approval into the program.

Join together with us for this special opportunity! Your impact truly provides relief to families and enables them to take the first step toward rebuilding their lives.

J-GIVTS Options
Partner for a Week |
$25 - Co-Sponsor One Family
$50 - Co-Sponsor Two Families 
$100 - Sponsor One Family
$500 - Sponsor Five Families
$1000 - Sponsor Ten Families

Partner for a Month |
$2000 | Sponsor Five Families 
$4000 | Sponsor Ten Families 
$8000 | Sponsor Twenty Families

For Special Partnership Options or if you would like to Partner in the dedication that makes this program happen, please contact: [email protected]

Stepping In Their Shoes...

"When you look in the fridge and there's nothing there, it's very shameful. I am so embarrassed.  I never thought I would be totally broke."

Menachem, a 35-year-old event planner, with a family of four kids, lost his business in April with the restrictions and closures due to COVID-19. He had a great life and it suddenly vanished when multiple events were canceled. He says: "As a father and husband who has always provided for my family, the past few months literally destroyed me. I never dreamt that I would need charity. In fact, through my former business, I was a donor! Thank G-d, through my connections, I was able to find another job. It didn’t pay anywhere near enough for me to make it through the month although it did help me get back on my feet. With eight people in our home, we need a lot of food. I pray every day that I am able to bring in bags and bags of food for my kids. Right now I feel like a loser and it is hard for me to sleep at night because I am so worried."

Menachem is currently gainfully employed and does not qualify for any other assistive programs. He has skills and experience in business but because of restrictive shutdowns due to the pandemic, needs gap funding for several months. 

Imagine a program where Menachem would receive a monthly gift card with a generous balance to several stores. Imagine the calm and quiet joy Menachem will feel when he is able to bring food home to his family. Imagine a program where Menachem could talk to someone about his economic changes and his embarrassment in a therapeutic and helpful way. 

Now imagine if all of this happened in an absolutely discreet way. JGIVT, a pilot initiative of Beit Chabad Israeli Center, seeks to help people by providing monthly gift cards to pre-screened and vetted recipients to help them with their food purchases.  We recognize the profound need for people to belong to a warm and welcoming community. All gift cards will be sent with inspiring messages and a contact number for recipient families to reach out for help. We are actively seeking experienced, professional, and culturally sensitive social workers to help our recipient families by directing them to resources and supporting families in need of assistance.

This program gives recipient families dignity, food, hope, direction, and community. Please join us in making a real and lasting difference!


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